IT Operations and Application Owners are constantly putting out fires to address the performance and reliability of critical applications.

  • Does your IT Operations team struggle to troubleshoot service performance issues?
  • Do you invest in APM tools, yet still struggle with production performance problems?
  • Does siloed performance data fail to yield meaningful insight into what caused the issue?
Platform Info
Platform Info

It’s time to stop working so hard for your data and make your data work for you. OpsDataStore turns your performance data into operational insights by converting your siloed data into related data. It continuously relates your app performance data to the infrastructure that supports your apps, to give you the first platform to marry performance data with real-time CDMB capabilities.

OpsDataStore’s powerful platform helps ensure the performance and reliability of business-critical applications by automatically relating metrics and analytics to unlock real value across your organization.


Creating an over-arching insight that can drive end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization is becoming ever more relevant within our increasingly agile, software-defined IT environment. OpsDataStore offers a promising heterogeneous data unification approach to finally solving this long standing problem, helping IT manage as intelligently as it can.
Mike Matchett
Senior Analyst at the Taneja Group

Leverage Existing Tools AND PLATFORMS to Establish Real-Time RelationshipS

Leverage Existing Tools

Full-Stack Performance Visibility

You can’t make data-driven decisions if you don’t have all the data in the context of reliable service delivery. OpsDataStore gives you the insight required to continuously align service reliability with its dynamically shifting infrastructure stack.

Self-Learning Baselines Create Actionable Analytics

Do you know your “normal”? Can you prevent service-level degradation before it makes an impact?  With OpsDataStore’s self-learning baselines, you get the first automated way to spot your application performance problems before they impact revenue generating applications.

Faster Incident Resolution and Root Cause Analysis

Are you risking revenue impact from slow incident responses? OpsDataStore speeds response time by identifying the performance exceptions that need your immediate attention. Sift through the noise and reduce your war room time by getting exception-based performance analytics to speed your MTTI.

With OpsDataStore’s pairwise analytics, you simply pick the metric you care about and it automatically finds every time it is abnormal – and everything related to it that is also abnormal. This speeds root cause analysis by clearly showing you everything that needs immediate attention via automated RAG Dashboards.

Operational Insights Benefit the Entire Organization


Virtualized datacenters change quickly, making it difficult to know what is running where.

OpsDataStore’s patent-pending topology mapping and self-learning analytics provide the only real-time solution that continuously captures and maps your applications to their infrastructure with a complete understanding of both relationships and performance.

By leveraging time-based performance metrics and relating this data to an accurate topology map, OpsDataStore enables proactive IT Operations. These operational insights provide technical and business owners with a single pane of glass that can report on Service Level Agreements and RCA – all in one platform.


  • Single Pane of Glass: Related monitoring data across all of your monitoring tools
  • Service-level Dashboards: Foster collaboration and transparency throughout your organization
  • Topology Mapping: Visualize performance analytics, baselines, anomalies, and topologies over time
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics: Share combined application and infrastructure performance data for IT Operations in BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, SAS, etc.
  • Proactive, Contextual Approach: Use related monitoring data across tools to play offense and prevent problems
  • Root Cause Analysis: Quickly pinpoint issues and speed time to resolution
  • Resource Optimization: Use application and transaction performance data to safely optimize infrastructure and save money

If you get a transaction alert from an APM tool that shows a performance issue, how do you know where to troubleshoot the issue? 

With OpsDataStore deployed, you have an automated dashboard continuously available that shows you all the related infrastructure components supporting that transaction to immediately see which directly related infrastructure elements are performing abnormally. Exception analytics and reporting in real-time. Your troubleshooting just went from siloed data and time-consuming war rooms full of domain experts, to root cause of transaction performance problems in less than 5 minutes.


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