OpsDataStore is the first comprehensive multi-vendor fabric for data driven IT Operations. OpsDataStore allows you to assemble best of breed monitoring tools, capacity management tools, and analytics tools, and combine their data into a comprehensive big data fabric. This real time fabric drives dramatic improvements in service quality, dramatic reductions in costs through higher capacity utilization, and the delivery of custom business value dashboards developed in the tools of your choice.  How do you try to solve this today? With too many un-integrated tools, islands of monitoring data and too much wasted time in war room meetings.

Platform Info
Platform Info



Creating an over-arching insight that can drive end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization is becoming ever more relevant within our increasingly agile, software-defined IT environment. OpsDataStore offers a promising heterogeneous data unification approach to finally solving this long standing problem, helping IT manage as intelligently as it can.
Mike Matchett
Senior Analyst at the Taneja Group


Our flexible, best-of-breed solution helps improve service quality, increase business agility and drive revenue. OpsDataStore enables end-to-end monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization of your distributed, diverse and dynamic IT environment.

Product Steps
Product Steps


Low Latency High Performance Data Pipeline

Low Latency High Performance Data Pipeline


Open Data Collection Architecture
OpsDataStore can consume management data from any platform and any management software product. The solution includes connectors for the VMware vSphere data center virtualization platform, Dynatrace (see the video), AppDynamics (see the video) and the ExtraHop wire data platform. In addition to OpsDataStore, third party service providers, management software vendors and customers can quickly add new connectors.
Dynamic Object Model
Unlike simple metrics stores or log databases, OpsDataStore relates items to each other at ingest time and maintains a continuously updated topology map of the entire environment over time. Any object (transaction, application, virtual server, physical server, datastore, etc.) can be queried for its end-to-end topology at any point in time. The model is continuously and automatically updated, eliminating the need for periodic discovery. The model is also extensible by ecosystem partners and customers for additional objects. Click here for the Dynamic Topology Mapping Video.
Real-Time, Highly Scalable Big Data Back End
OpsDataStore is built on state of the art open source, low latency, and big data technologies, including Cassandra (time series database), Spark (stream processing engine), and Kafka (message bus). These technologies enable OpsDataStore to scale to any size environment and process large amounts of data in real time.
Business Value Dashboards in the BI Tool of Your Choice
OpsDataStore supports ODBC and JDBC as API’s for data access. Related objects, topologies and metrics in OpsDataStore can be easily consumed by any management software application or custom initiative on the part of any customer. Customers can build their own Business Value Dashboards in the BI tool of thier choice. Click this link to see the video of how easy it is to build a custom IT dashboard in Tableau.
Easily Extensible Dashboards Provided in Tableau
The OpsDataStore dashboards are implemented in Tableau and the workbooks are provided to customers as starting points for custom dashboards. This makes it easy for IT Operations to publish IT and applications data to constituents that need access to this information. Click this link to see the video of how easy it is to build a custom IT dashboard in Tableau.

Live Custom Business Value Dashboards

Deliver custom visualizations of all IT data in the tool of your choice on a self-service basis to all constituents.

Full-Stack Monitoring of Private/Hybrid Clouds

Full visibility into the entire stack and all dependencies to each constituent and stakeholder in the Private and Hybrid clouds.

Business Aligned Capacity Planning

Plan capacity in the context of transaction performance and throughput so you can stop buying hardware out of fear and reap significant savings.


OpsDataStore and its partners empower customers to proactively prevent performance and availability issues by delivering unprecedented real-time transparency across IT operations and application performance.

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