Make Dynatrace and AppMon More Valuable

See More. Know More. Save More.

Do you have multiple monitoring tools to manage critical business applications? Are you wasting time manually connecting the dots to figure out “what’s where” and “what happened” in your environment – after the fact?

OpsDataStore gives you an end-to-end view of application performance and empowers you to turn insights into preventative and proactive actions for root cause and capacity management. We combine Dynatrace metrics, infrastructure metrics and metrics from other management tools for a consolidated performance analysis of the entire IT stack. Now you can visualize analytics, baselines, anomalies, and topologies over time, making Dynatrace and AppMon more valuable to you.

OpsDataStore & Dynatrace

  • Single Pane of Glass: Relate monitoring data across all of your monitoring tools including AppMon and Dynatrace
  • Proactive Approach: Use related monitoring data across tools to play offense and prevent problems
  • Optimize Infrastructure: Use application and transaction performance data to safely optimize the infrastructure and save money

Save time, money and headaches by taking a more data-driven, proactive approach to IT operations that ensures performance and reliability of business-critical applications.

Dynatrace Solutions Brief

Case Study

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