Navis Deploys OpsDataStore to Power their Business Value Dashboards

OpsDataStore Empowers Navis’ Business Value Dashboard Strategy

ATLANTA – July 29, 2016 – OpsDataStore, the company delivering the first real-time big data platform for data driven IT Operations, today announced that Navis, provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading terminal operators, has deployed OpsDataStore across its global, virtual environment. With the adoption of OpsDataStore, Navis will now be able to more readily improve the speed of its decision-making around IT resource consumption and allocation.

Navis’ Business Value Dashboard Strategy

“OpsDataStore provides an ingenious solution that enables and simplifies the complex process of IT Operations Analytics,” said Dave McCandless, vice president of information technology, Navis. “OpsDataStore allows us to realize our Business Value Dashboard vision in Birst, our BI tool of choice. As OpsDataStore matures with new features, Navis is well positioned to accelerate our integration strategy, further optimizing the value of our IT investments. We anticipate we will receive a full return on our OpsDataStore investment within the next six months.”

Furthermore, OpsDataStore delivers Navis:

  • Aggregation of systems activity data regardless of source – Due to OpsDataStore’s integration with various management solutions rather than point products, the solution delivery focus is based on optimized data analysis and aggregation rather than system connectivity and agent management. The idiosyncrasies of the various IT operations data type – network, server, application – are filtered out of the process, allowing for analysis and conversations about system behaviors rather than personalities.
  • Expansion and customized connectivity – Specifically, the OpsDataStore feature that enables a “plug-in” capability to allow products outside of the supported ecosystem to be integrated into the data aggregation process. This feature will allow Navis to build capture capabilities around its own products, making them a candidate for technologies manageable via the OpsDataStore ecosystem.
  • Seamless global view of all IT data – With OpsDataStore, Navis can pull together and analyze all types of IT data – operations, utilization, performance, manpower, and financial – to create holistic IT insights. Before, Navis was able to effectively report these various business segments separately, but without a process to include IT metrics.
  • A modern low latency big data pipeline – OpsDataStore is built on Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, AKKA and a scale-out decision support data store – EXASOL. This allows OpsDataStore to seamlessly scale as Navis expands their environment and adds new sources of data, and makes all of the data immediately available to Birst or any other BI tool Navis wants to use.
  • Simplified IT systems integration – Navis’ installation required the inclusion of multiple VMware vCenter deployments, and OpsDataStore was able to eliminate the restriction of multiple views, creating one, global view. Therefore, as more types of IT solutions are added, the depth of information value will increase while the complexity from systems diversity will be avoided.

“OpsDataStore is the first and only real-time, multi-vendor platform for IT Operations Analytics and is the only credible foundation for a Business Value Dashboard initiative. Our multi-vendor ecosystem based strategy makes us the only platform that allows leading edge enterprise IT organizations like Navis to keep up with and benefit from the rate of change and innovation in the IT industry,” said Bernd Harzog, CEO, OpsDataStore. “Navis’ ability to integrate our comprehensive data into Birst the BI tool of their choice with no work required on the part of either Birst or ourselves is a direct outgrowth of our strategy to make all IT data available to all BI tools.”

Click this link to see the video about how easy it is to build a custom IT dashboard in Tableau with OpsDataStore.

About Navis

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, is the global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals, standing the test of time. Navis combines industry best practices with innovative technology and world-class services to enable our customers to maximize performance and reduce risk. Whether tracking cargo through a port, automating equipment operations, or managing multiple terminals through an integrated, centralized solution, Navis provides a holistic approach to operational optimization, providing customers with improved visibility, velocity and measurable business results. www.navis.com 

About OpsDataStore

OpsDataStore provides enterprises with complete and real-time operational transparency across the IT stack by providing a common data plane for all management data and vendors. OpsDataStore and its ecosystem of partners replace outdated frameworks with a modern best 0f-breed solution to improve service quality, increase business agility and drive revenue. Founded in 2015, OpsDataStore is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.