Visibility into VMware for AppDynamics and Dynatrace Monitored Applications

We attended AppDynamics AppSphere last week, and it was a great event. All of the attendees were very energized by what they were doing and are going to be doing with AppDynamics – who have clearly cemented themselves in a leadership position in the APM industry. Read more


How to Choose an Enterprise Grade Public Cloud

With VMware having announced the VMware Cloud on AWS Bare Metal, a new segment of the public cloud business appears to be emerging which is focused upon meeting the needs of enterprises with applications that need to be up all of the time, and that need to perform well all of the time. In a previous post we speculated how the industry might transform itself to address this new opportunity. In this post we suggest some criteria that enterprises should use to chose an enterprise grade public cloud. Read more


The Future of the Enterprise Cloud Operating System

VMware has announced the VMware Cloud on AWS. This new enterprise grade public cloud consists of the entire VMware vSphere/NSX/vSAN software stack and API’s along with the third party ecosystem for vSphere on AWS bare metal.¬†Read the post to see how this new offering from VMware could reshape the entire cloud computing industry for the benefit of enterprise customers. Read more


VMware Cloud on AWS – The Performance Management Implications

VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a new joint offering – VMware Cloud on AWS. This offering consists of the entire stack of VMware software (everything from ESXi, vSphere, vCenter, NSX, vSAN and the entire vRealize Suite up through everything from the VMware ecosystem) running directly on dedicated AWS hardware. This should address a major problem with all existing public cloud offerings.

Read more

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