OpsDataStore delivers Integrated Multi-Vendor Monitoring Stack

On May 3, OpsDataSore announced the release of version 1.1 of its platform for delivering integrated analytics on IT and application performance toward the end of improving the service quality of online applications. Version 1.1 of OpsDataStore features the ability to obtain actionable business intelligence about the performance of an IT infrastructure in real-time.

Read the article in Cloud Computing Today

View the End-to-End Monitoring Video with AppDynamics and VMware

View the End-to-End Monitoring Video with Dynatrace and VMware


Justify IT ops’ spending with a business value dashboard

TechTarget has published a new article on using a  Business Value Dashboard to Justify IT Spending. The key is to determine the IT metrics relevant to the business and to present these metrics in a context meaningful to the business.

OpsDataStore plays a crucial role in this process by relating IT infrastructure metrics to application and transaction level metrics and then making this data available in popular BI tools like Tableau and Qlik.


Docker Bets on the On Premise Enterprise with The Docker Data Center

On February 23rd 2016, Docker announced The Docker Data Center. This is a set of enterprise data center management offerings wrapped around Docker designed to speed adoption of Docker as an application delivery platform and a data center management platform. Read more


Private Cloud Success – Transparent Online Service Quality

We are fortunate as a company to be in conversations with senior IT executives at some of the largest and most sophisticated enterprises in the world. In these conversations which always (for us) revolve around online service quality, the subject of their cloud strategy frequently comes up. Read more


OpsDataStore Unveils Industry’s First Solution to Ensure Online Service Quality for Dynamic IT Environments

Broad Ecosystem of Partners, Including AppDynamics, Dynatrace, ExtraHop, Qlik, and Tableau, Collectively Drive Significant Improvement in Service Quality Read more

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