Webinar: How OpsDataStore Enhances Your Dynatrace Performance Metrics

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
2:00pm ET

Join us for a special webinar on Wednesday, February 28th at 2pm ET to learn how OpsDataStore combines Dynatrace’s metrics with infrastructure metrics to give you an end-to-end solution for visualizing analytics, baselines, anomalies, and topologies over time.

Join OpsDataStore’s Webinar to learn how to:

  • Relate monitoring data across all of your monitoring tools including AppMon and Dynatrace (new)
  • Use related monitoring data across tools to play offense and prevent problems
  • Use application and transaction performance data to safely optimize the infrastructure and save money

About the Speaker

Bernd Harzog is the Founder, Chief Product and Strategy Officer of OpsDataStore Inc. Bernd is responsible for the product management, product strategy and ecosystem strategy of the company.