Visibility into VMware for AppDynamics and Dynatrace Monitored Applications

We attended AppDynamics AppSphere last week, and it was a great event. All of the attendees were very energized by what they were doing and are going to be doing with AppDynamics – who have clearly cemented themselves in a leadership position in the APM industry.

We had one common thread emerge in every single conversation that we had with the attendees of the event (customers of AppDynamics) which was that they all run the applications monitored by AppDynamics on VMware vSphere and that the behavior of the virtualization environment is in the words of one attendee, “a giant black hole to us”.

Lighting Up the Black Hole

It is simply a fact today that the application teams that use APM tools like AppDynamics and Dynatrace have no visibility into the virtual and physical infrastructure that supports their applications, and the teams supporting the VMware infrastructure have no visibility into the applications and transactions running in their environment. OpsDataStore changes that by giving both teams visibility into the entire end-to-end environment.

The image below is a screen shot of the OpsDataStore console showing the topology of a tier (Rest-API) monitored by AppDynamics. The transactions, the tier and the application come from AppDynamics to OpsDataStore every minute. The virtual and physical infrastructure come from VMware vSphere every minute. OpsDataStore’s Dynamic Object Model connects them to each other correctly every minute. This for the first time ever gives every AppDynamics and Dynatrace user a real-time view of the infrastructure supporting each transaction.

Connecting Transactions and Applications to Physical and Virtual Infrastructure


Benefits for the VMware Administrator

Since we can show the AppDynamics and Dynatrace users where their transactions are running in the VMware environment, we can also show the VMware adminstrator what is running on each piece of virtual and physical infrastructure.  In the console screen shot below, you see all of the transactions, tiers, and applications that are mapped to one datastore (datastore2).

Transactions, Tiers and Applications Mapped to One VMware Datastore


No Agents – No Discovery – No Manual Configuration – No CMDB

It is important to stress that we do not install agents anywhere in your environment. We do not run an after the fact discovery process that results in data that is always wrong. There is no manual configuration or tagging required on your part. We do not access your CMDB to get these relationships. All of this is done instantly, continuously and automatically by our product for you. We just need read-only credentials to your vCenter and read-only credentials to your AppDynamics Controller or your Dynatrace Server.


OpsDataStore is the only solution that gives you visibility into VMware for AppDynamics and Dynatrace Monitored Applications and that connects transactions, applications, and tiers from your APM tool with the VMware infrastructure upon which they run -continuously, in real-time, and with no manual configuration or discovery required.

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