Dynatrace and the Future of the APM Industry

This year’s Dynatrace Perform was an excellent event that offered the opportunity for partners and sponsors like OpsDataStore to meet with the Dynatrace community. This year’s big news was the changes to Dynatrace’s product suites, and Dynatrace did a great job of explaining its new product strategy and the changes that are going to affect Dynatrace customers and the APM industry.

The new Dynatrace product is very different from AppMon and from every other APM product on the market today. And those differences portend profound changes in the APM industry as the industry reacts to what are a significant set of innovations in the new Dynatrace product.

Differences and Innovations in the New Dynatrace Product

The new Dynatrace product is very different from its competitors and peers in the APM space in the following respects:

  1. A focus on closed loop problem resolution. Dynatrace combines monitoring across a significant part of the stack, with problem detection, AI based root cause and ultimately automated remediation. The stated goal was “self-running IT”. This is a dramatic expansion of claimed mandate with respect to other APM tools which primarily focus upon just end user experience, and the quality and performance of code in production.
  2. A Web U/I Focused Upon Both Application Support and IT Operations. Most APM products are built to allow teams supporting custom developed applications in production to get to root cause in code (bugs) as fast as possible. Dynatrace provides both the IT Operations team and the Application Support team one console useful for troubleshooting problems together.
  3. A very new and very different approach to the monitoring agent. Traditional APM solutions insert an agent into the application run time environment (the JVM, the .NET CLR, the PaaS layer, etc.). Different versions of these agents are required for different languages and run time environments leading to maintenance challenges for the vendor and complexity for the customers. The Dynatrace OneAgent avoids all of this complexity by installing in the Windows or Linux OS and using a combination of network stack tracing and injection of monitoring into key processes and services to instrument the stack.
  4. A SaaS offering with two-week release cycles. Yes, it is available on premise as well, but you are strongly encouraged to use the SaaS version. This will be a significant change for Dynatrace customers used to managing their own AppMon servers and the data from those servers.

How to Enhance Your Dynatrace Metrics as Your Platform Evolves

OpsDataStore combines Dynatrace’s metrics with infrastructure metrics to give you an end-to-end solution for visualizing analytics, baselines, anomalies, and topologies over time. OpsDataStore integrates with both AppMon and the new Dynatrace with enhanced features that support the new Dynatrace product. The key point is that both AppMon and the new Dynatrace product focus upon troubleshooting. AppMon to find problems in code, and the new Dynatrace product to find and resolve problems in the code and in the supporting software stack. OpsDataStore adds value to both in the following respects:

  • Provides a full stack Service Level Dashboard that allows business constituents to easily visualize the behavior of the key transactions of interest in the context of the behavior of the supporting software and hardware infrastructure.
  • Collects metrics across the IT stack – from both Dynatrace tools, the complementary tools from other vendors (for example ExtraHop), the platforms where the monitored applications run (for example VMware and AWS), and the supporting hardware infrastructure (for example EMC and NetApp enterprise storage arrays). OpsDataStore is not a monitoring tool, it is a big data analytics and visualization platform for all monitoring tools.
  • Provides proactive analytics on all of the above metrics allowing problems to be anticipated and prevented. This allows IT Operations to play offense instead of reacting purely to events and alarms.
  • Combines transaction and application performance and throughput metrics from the APM tools with the infrastructure behavior metrics and uses both to provide application focused capacity analytics. This drives increased efficiency in resource utilization and cost savings while protecting the performance of critical transactions and applications.
  • Performs root cause analysis across all of these tools and the underlying hardware and software infrastructure. For example, the performance of transactions and processes monitored by Dynatrace is related directly to the performance of the underlying components of enterprise storage arrays. This dramatically shortens war room meetings and improves the overall quality of IT Service delivered to the business.

Join OpsDataStore for a Webinar

Join us for a Webinar on Feb. 28th where we will showcase how OpsDataStore delivers value and enhanced performance metrics to both customers of AppMon and Dynatrace, as well as provide a live demonstration.


How OpsDataStore Enhances Your Dynatrace Performance Metrics
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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