The Benefits of Valuable Management Data

When you look at your portfolio of management tools, you should carefully evaluate each tool on the value it delivers to you. For some tools, much of their value lies in the data that they collect. And if all those tools do is collect data from commodity management API’s, then you should question the value of that tool. Here are some tools that collect some incredibly valuable data.

Tools that Collect Valuable Management Data

We at OpsDataStore are strong advocates of using the best management tool for each layer of your stack and for each unique source of management data. This is the only way to get the data that you need, as the data you want is generally not available for free from commodity management API’s. Some examples of best of breed tools that collect uniquely valuable data are:

  • APM tools like AppDynamics and Dynatrace discover the actual transactions inside of your custom developed applications and track their response time across the entire topology of the transaction
  • Wire data tools like ExtraHop see the content of every packet on the network from Layer 2 through Layer 7. This allows ExtraHop to see the behavior of every application and every service on the network irrespective of its source and composition.
  • Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Management (AA-IPM) tools like AppEnsure collect response time and throughput data about every application in the environment (both custom developed and purchased) and even track response time and throughput for applications published to users through Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop.
  • Virtualization Management tools like VMware vCenter provide a unique combination of how the physical CPU, memory, network and storage resources are being used, and how those are being used by the virtual servers in the environment.
  • Infrastructure Performance Management tools like Virtual Instruments uniquely understand the latency of all storage transactions as they flow across a fiber channel SAN
  • Log Management tools like Splunk do a great job of making it easy to search for logs across various log sources once you know what you are looking for.

Yes you need something to collect the CPU and memory utilization across all of your physical and virtual servers. But at the end of the day, that is commodity data and you should not pay very much for the collection and dashboarding of it.