DevOps Tools are only half of the battle for IT Operations

OpsDataStore Inc., which came out of stealth last month, aims to consolidate monitoring data into a single, unified database from which it creates a topology map of each individual transaction that takes place in the infrastructure. The company’s product then makes that data available to big data visualization tools, such as Tableau, and business intelligence utilities, such as Qlik.

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OpsDataStore delivers Integrated Multi-Vendor Monitoring Stack

On May 3, OpsDataSore announced the release of version 1.1 of its platform for delivering integrated analytics on IT and application performance toward the end of improving the service quality of online applications. Version 1.1 of OpsDataStore features the ability to obtain actionable business intelligence about the performance of an IT infrastructure in real-time.

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View the End-to-End Monitoring Video with AppDynamics and VMware

View the End-to-End Monitoring Video with Dynatrace and VMware

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