Cisco Acquires AppDynamics – Implications

On January 24, 2017 Cisco announced its intent to acquire AppDynamics a leading vendor in the Application Performance Management market. The price was announced as approximately $3.7B in cash and assumed equity awards. This acquisition is likely to shake up the management software business at all layers of the stack.  Read more


Predicting Election 2016 – A Failure in Data Driven Decisions

Whatever you think of the outcome of the Presidential election, one thing is very clear. The experts across the entire political spectrum were spectacularly wrong about this election. No one gave Trump much of a chance, and everyone thought that Clinton had multiple clear and easy paths to victory. Let’s review some of the more prominent predictions.

Read more


How to Choose an Enterprise Grade Public Cloud

With VMware having announced the VMware Cloud on AWS Bare Metal, a new segment of the public cloud business appears to be emerging which is focused upon meeting the needs of enterprises with applications that need to be up all of the time, and that need to perform well all of the time. In a previous post we speculated how the industry might transform itself to address this new opportunity. In this post we suggest some criteria that enterprises should use to chose an enterprise grade public cloud. Read more

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