Gartner Kills Business Service Management

In a research note dated February 20 2017, titled “BSM Is Dead; Use Other ITOM Tools to Convey Value and Manage Operations”, Gartner put the BSM category of management and monitoring tools out of its misery. Read more


Announcing Deterministic Root Cause

OpsDataStore is pleased to announce a dramatic addition to our existing 1.2 product, Deterministic Root Cause. Leveraging our patent pending Dynamic Topology Mapping engine, allows OpsDataStore to do anomaly analysis on factual relationships over time. Since we know, for example, upon which virtual server, host and datastore a transaction is running, and since we know this for a fact (i.e., not via correlation), we can then perform accurate pair-wise anomaly analysis on transactions and their supporting virtual and physical infrastructure.

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Set Your Monitoring Data Free

We very recently had a great conversation with a very large global enterprise. That company told us that their two strategic initiatives for monitoring in 2017 were:

  1. To set their monitoring data free from the tools that produce this data
  2. To make the resulting “freed up” data consumable to people in whatever tools that they wanted to consume the data in

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