Network World: Modern Monitoring is a Big Data Problem

Network World has published an article by OpsDataStore CEO Bernd Harzog, Modern Monitoring is a Big Data Problem. This article explains how innovation, rapid rates of change across the IT stack virtualization and dynamic behavior all combine to turn monitoring of the modern IT stack into a big data problem. Read more


Announcing Deterministic Root Cause

OpsDataStore is pleased to announce a dramatic addition to our existing 1.2 product, Deterministic Root Cause. Leveraging our patent pending Dynamic Topology Mapping engine, allows OpsDataStore to do anomaly analysis on factual relationships over time. Since we know, for example, upon which virtual server, host and datastore a transaction is running, and since we know this for a fact (i.e., not via correlation), we can then perform accurate pair-wise anomaly analysis on transactions and their supporting virtual and physical infrastructure.

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Storage Switzerland: How IT can Leverage its Own Big Data for Operational Efficiency

According to Storage Switzerland, “The entire panoply of performance related monitoring tools deployed in IT yield an opportunity ripe for harvest. Because IT already has instrumented key infrastructure and applications with performance monitors, these are projects that can potentially start quickly and can benefit from historical data”.  Read more


InsideBigData Interview with OpsDataStore CEO Bernd Harzog on Data-Driven IT Operations

InsideBigData has published a comprehensive interview of Bernd Harzog the CEO of OpsDataStore. This interview covers the definition of Data Driven IT Operations, the benefits of Data Driven IT Operations, and how enterprise organizations can get started with Data Driven IT Operations. Read more


Read IT Quick Interview with OpsDataStore CEO Bernd Harzog

Read IT Quick has published a comprehensive interview with OpsDataStore CEO Bernd Harzog that covers the changes in the monitoring industry, the impact of Cisco buying AppDynamics, and OpsDataStore’s unique big data ecosystem strategy. Read more


Set Your Monitoring Data Free

We very recently had a great conversation with a very large global enterprise. That company told us that their two strategic initiatives for monitoring in 2017 were:

  1. To set their monitoring data free from the tools that produce this data
  2. To make the resulting “freed up” data consumable to people in whatever tools that they wanted to consume the data in

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