OpsDataStore  delivers the industry’s first solution to online service quality issues for distributed, dynamic and diverse environments and applications by providing real-time operational transparency across the IT stack. OpsDataStore provides a real-time big data back end and partners with leading management software vendors to provide customers a flexible best of breed solution to their online service quality issues. This allows our customers to improve online service quality, increase business agility and drive revenue. Founded in 2015, OpsDataStore is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


Wisdom comes from experience and we’ve got it. The OpsDataStore team has years of collective experience building highly scalable and responsive big data systems. We have been through the evolution of the IT industry and have a clear understanding of the complex problems facing enterprises today.

We have 60 years of collective experience in IT Operations Management, and 30 years of collective experience in real-time, low-latency, massively scalable big data architectures. We are bringing the best of the new technologies to address the online service quality issues that have plagued enterprises for the last 30 years.

Bernd Harzog

Bernd Harzog is the CEO and Founder of OpsDataStore Inc. Bernd is responsible for the strategy, execution and financing activities of the company.

Dave Wagner

Dave Wagner is the VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of OpsDataStore Inc. Dave is responsible for working with key customers, VAR’s and partners, thought leadership, evangelizing the OpsDataStore solution, and business development.

Todd Nist

Todd Nist is the VP of Architecture of OpsDataStore, focusing upon the delivery of a scalable, distributed, clustered, high performance, low latency, and extensible platform for our customers