Digital War Room Strategy – Closing the Gaps to Gain Efficiency

Strategies for Digital War Room Success

In our previous Blog we discussed the findings and implications of the EMA global research into today’s Digital War Room. War Rooms have significant costs to today’s enterprises; they involve large numbers of scarce and expensive talent and are highly disruptive organizationally. Most importantly, they are almost always reactive in nature; continuing a vicious cycle whereby IT is never able to strategically focus on becoming sufficiently proactive to prevent the very issues triggering War Rooms in the first place.

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The Digital War Room Battleground – Costs, People and Metrics

The Digital War Room Battle Ground: Cost, People and Metrics

Last week the Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) Dennis Drogseth conducted comprehensive global research into the state of today’s IT War Room practices and presented the results in a Webinar on “Unifying IT for Digital War Room Performance”. The insights from the EMA research spanned all aspects of IT, process, organization and technology related.

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3 Questions to Measure the Performance and Efficiency of Your IT Strategy

Is Your Enterprise IT Strategy both Efficient and Performant?

In today’s ever-increasingly digitized business reality, where ever-more processes and interactions with suppliers, partners and customers are implemented in software and online 24×7, three over-arching pressures continue to drive Business strategy. However, what can’t be overlooked is the need to tie IT Strategy and Metrics to Business Strategy to deliver efficiency and performance.

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