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The Ever-Increasing Importance of Monitoring

Nearly every business today relies upon hardware and software technologies to deliver its products and services to its key business constituents. This trend will only continue to increase as enterprises are aggressively digitizing their business processes to deliver products and services more rapidly, stay competitive, increase productivity and improve their bottom line.

Once the process is online or ‘digitized’ the battle has only begun. Enterprise with online applications that interface with prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners find that they must then continuously and rapidly evolve those applications to keep them competitive in the marketplace.

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3 Business Performance Challenges of Digitization

3 Business Performance Challenges of Digitization

In today’s digital, software-driven economy, business constituents are tasked with three fundamental, but often conflicting, requirements to assure appropriate Business Performance:

  • To compete, they must ensure delivery of more applications to more markets as quickly as possible. The alternative is loss of market share and reduced revenues.
  • To satisfy and retain customers, they must ensure that the end-user experience (whether Business to Business or Business to Consumer) is highly performant – that the appropriate quantity of work can be accomplished in the appropriate time frames. The risk of failure here is loss of customers, reduced transactional revenues and, ultimately, decreased competitiveness and market share.
  • Finally, businesses are under unrelenting pressure to accomplish everything in a fashion in which costs are continuously minimized, but without impacting appropriate application service delivery. Failure to keep up with competitors’ efforts to cost-optimize leads directly to loss of market share, customers and profitability.

Every application ultimately runs on an increasingly dynamic, virtualized and complex set of infrastructure. Depending on specific configuration requirements, these may be public, private and/or hybrid clouds. It includes virtualized server infrastructure, physical server infrastructure, complex multi-tiered and increasingly virtualized storage environments, and complex network configurations.

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