Network World: Modern Monitoring is a Big Data Problem

Network World has published an article by OpsDataStore CEO Bernd Harzog, Modern Monitoring is a Big Data Problem. This article explains how innovation, rapid rates of change across the IT stack virtualization and dynamic behavior all combine to turn monitoring of the modern IT stack into a big data problem. Read more


Announcing Deterministic Root Cause

OpsDataStore is pleased to announce a dramatic addition to our existing 1.2 product, Deterministic Root Cause. Leveraging our patent pending Dynamic Topology Mapping engine, allows OpsDataStore to do anomaly analysis on factual relationships over time. Since we know, for example, upon which virtual server, host and datastore a transaction is running, and since we know this for a fact (i.e., not via correlation), we can then perform accurate pair-wise anomaly analysis on transactions and their supporting virtual and physical infrastructure.

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