Enterprise Capacity Management is Broken

In an era when the vast majority of enterprise applications have at least one, and in many cases two or three levels of virtualization (e.g. JVMs, VMs, Containers, SDN, etc.), continuing to try and optimization IT resource capacity using traditional resource utilization is – at best – increasingly irrelevant, and – at worst – downright dangerous: to service quality and your bottom line. Read more


Beware of the Blind Dinosaurs

In the mid-1990’s (approximately 20 years ago), IBM, BMC, HP and CA all came out with management suites under the banner of “Business Service Management” that promised to manage the entire customer environment end-to-end and ensure service quality. The big four have now become the “Blind Dinosaurs” of the management software industry. Read more


The Benefits of Valuable Management Data

When you look at your portfolio of management tools, you should carefully evaluate each tool on the value it delivers to you. For some tools, much of their value lies in the data that they collect. And if all those tools do is collect data from commodity management API’s, then you should question the value of that tool. Here are some tools that collect some incredibly valuable data. Read more

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