• Relate Metrics and Anomalies Across APM tools, Cloud Platforms and Enterprise Storage
  • Guarantee Performance for Digitalization, Private/Hybrid Clouds and DevOps
  • Optimize Density, Capacity and Site Reliability for your Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • Deliver Custom IT Dashboards in the BI Tool of Your Choice

Enable IT Operations Analytics with All of Your Monitoring and Capacity Metrics Together in One Data Store

  • Streams of metrics from platforms (like VMware vSphere) and Application Performance Management tools (like AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and ExtraHop) are continuously captured in real time
  • The graph (topology map) for each object (data center, physical machine, virtual machine, application, tier and transaction) is computed and stored over time
  • Metrics are continuously aggregated, statistics and anomalies are continuously computed
  • All metrics and relationships are kept up to date in a real-time scale-out RAM based column store which has ODBC/JDBC API’s
  • Use the BI tool of your choice (Tableau, Qlik, Birst, R, SAS, etc.) to build live custom dashboards and reports


Every Transaction Mapped to its Virtual and Physical Infrastructure

  • Digital Transformation puts more or all of your critical business processes online
  • Today your existing systems do not work as well as they should nor do they perform as well as they should
  • Today you have siloed management tools and data (end user experience, transaction, application, virtual server, physical server, network, storage).
  • Nothing knits disparate sources of data together into an intelligent, actionable whole
  • You do not know where in your physical and virtual infrastructure the applications and transactions you care about are running
  • With OpsDataStore, you get constantly updated topology maps for every datastore, physical server, virtual server, application and transaction
  • With OpsDataStore, anomalies are automatically calculated for transactions and the infrastructure that supports them


Optimize Density without Impacting Critical Business Transactions and Realize Significant CAPEX and OPEX Savings  

  • Find Zombie VM’s in your VMware environment with a sophisticated Multi-Factor Exception Analysis. See the video.
  • Reclaim wasted capacity and save money on host OPEX and licensing
  • Utilize APM metrics from tools like AppDynamics (see the video), Dynatrace (see the video) and ExtraHop to ensure that capacity optimization does not impact business critical transactions.
  • Use analytics to “Play Offense” and prevent performance and capacity problems in your enviornment.
  • Drive hard financial savings without risk to service performance of your critical transactions and applications


Live Business Value Dashboards in Tableau, Qlik, Birst, SAS, R, etc.

  • Today you cannot access your IT data from either the infrastructure layer or the application layer in popular BI tools like Tableau
  • OpsDataStore organizes all IT data and relationships in a live ODBC/JDBC compatible RAM based column store that scales out as the dataset grows
  • All BI tools that support ODBC/JDBC are supported (Birst, Excel, Tableau, Qlik, R, SAS, etc.)
  • All of your OpsDataStore dashboards are provided to you as Tableau workbooks – and easily extended by you
  • You can implement “Self-Service BI” for IT data allowing your constituents to build their own dashboards and immediately meet their needs themselves
  • You can easily produce Business Value Dashboards by combining our IT data with your business data


The Real Time Platform for Data-Driven IT Operations

Enterprise applications are complex. They change constantly and run on distributed, diverse, and dynamic infrastructure. You need more than a single management vendor’s view into your IT operations and your data. You need to solve problems fast and keep your applications running smoothly. OpsDataStore delivers the whole picture, so you can get the right perspective.