• A Common Datastore for IT Operations Analytics
  • End-to-End Monitoring and Troubleshooting 
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud Capacity Analysis
  • Business Value Dashboards in the BI tool of Your Choice

Enable IT Operations Analytics with All of Your Monitoring and Capacity Metrics Together in One Data Store

  • Streams of metrics from platforms (like VMware vSphere) and Application Performance Management tools (like AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and ExtraHop) are continuously captured in real time
  • The graph (topology map) for each object (data center, physical machine, virtual machine, application, tier and transaction) is computed and stored over time
  • Metrics are continuously aggregated, statistics and anomalies are continuously computed
  • All metrics and relationships are kept up to date in a real-time scale-out RAM based column store which has ODBC/JDBC API’s
  • Use the BI tool of your choice (Tableau, Qlik, Birst, R, SAS, etc.) to build live custom dashboards and reports

Every Transaction Mapped to its Virtual and Physical Infrastructure

  • Today you have siloed management tools and data (storage, network, server, virtualization, operating system, and application)
  • Nothing knits disparate sources of data together into an intelligent, actionable whole
  • You do not know where in your physical and virtual infrastructure the applications and transactions you care about are running
  • You get constantly updated topology maps for every datastore, physical server, virtual server, application and transaction dramatically speed troubleshooting
  • Anomalies are automatically calculated for transactions and the infrastructure that supports them

Understand Current and Projected Capacity Utilization across all of your Physical and Virtual Infrastructure

  • Today you have no visiblity across the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers of your private/hybrid cloud
  • This makes managing performance and capacity in your cloud difficult and costs you money
  • OpsDataStore consumes all of the objects and metrics from all of your vCenters allowing you to do capacity analytics across your entire virtualization estate
  • Integration with your APM tools like AppDynamics, Dynatrace and ExtraHop allows you to use respose time and throughput metrics to accurately assess capacity
  • Drive up utilization and save money on physical hosts and vSphere licenses
  • Drive hard dollar savings without risking hits to the performance of critical transactions and applications


Live Business Value Dashboards in Tableau, Qlik, Birst, SAS, R, etc.

  • Today you cannot access your IT data from either the infrastructure layer or the application layer in popular BI tools like Tableau
  • OpsDataStore organizes all IT data and relationships in a live ODBC/JDBC compatible RAM based column store that scales out as the dataset grows
  • All BI tools that support ODBC/JDBC are supported (Birst, Excel, Tableau, Qlik, R, SAS, etc.)
  • All of your OpsDataStore dashboards are provided to you as Tableau workbooks – and easily extended by you
  • You can implement “Self-Service BI” for IT data allowing your constituents to build their own dashboards and immediately meet their needs themselves
  • You can easily produce Business Value Dashboards by combining our IT data with your business data